Student bloggers

Tutors at Whitireia have given us lots of encouragement about blogging – and it’s resulted in more and more of us having a go – with some pretty interesting results.

Paul McBeth has been doing this for a while, and it’s reflected in the range of things he is covering – he’s calling his blog NZ Media and Other Stuff – he’s intimidatingly well-informed, in a good way.

Luke Appleby was the person who convinced me blogging was a good idea – by writing about car noise levels in an interesting enough way to keep me reading ’til the end, no mean feat when typically I am as interested in cars as in rectal surgery.  Well, ok, maybe a little more interested.

Malia Sio has started her blog with a challenge to those interested in media issues for Pasifika to put down the pseudonyms and engage in constructive discussion ahead of the Pacific Islands Media Association (PIMA) annual conference.  Made me want to know more.

Reesh Lyon has just put forward a theory about how the revelation National may be planning to sell Kiwibank may have come to us.  If he’s right, we may be in for more revelations from the National Party leading up to this year’s election, if they really do have an agenda that they’re keeping from voters.  

And Jono McKeown is writing about rugby, suggesting in one post that the way the media talked about the All Blacks after the first test against the Wallabies was unacceptably violent, when we have a Government funded family violence campaign telling us violence is not ok

Interesting point this.  For me, the more disturbing aspect of violence and the All Blacks is the continuing selection of players who have pleaded guilty to violence against their partner.  But perhaps that’s another blog.

All of these bloggers, and many more students, are writing articles for our news website  Check it out.



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