How did I survive without a mobile phone?

One week on, and I feel compelled to share with the world how my mobile phone has changed my life.  Rest assured, after this I solemnly swear to lay my bitterness over said phone to rest.

So the things that have changed:

  1. I’ve had two texts from a new friend, who I have yet to meet.  Her/his name is Hayden, and she/he wants me to play netball again.  As I’ve not played netball since I was 12, and know no one called Hayden, I’m prepared to guess this new friend is not someone I would have ‘met’ without my mobile phone.
  2. I’ve had several texts, asking me various questions, which probably are from people I know.  But since I’ve given the number to about 5 people (friends I trusted not to text me), and since no one has signed these texts, I have no idea who sent them.  So while I’m more connected to my friends, I don’t know which friends, and they don’t know we’re more connected, since I haven’t replied.
  3. I spent an entire bus trip from Wellington to Naenae and then back to Petone trying to work out how to save names onto the phone, which helped alleviate the boredom this trip sometimes causes.  
  4. Many people I know have told me all the wonderful things mobile phones can do, to try and cheer me up.  It hasn’t.
  5. Two people I have been trying to interview for stories called me, which is clearly very good.

It has to be said, my new phone has had this impact on my life despite the fact it has been turned off for probably 90% of the week.  In fact, when I needed to first turn it on, I had to ask the people around me how to do it.

Finally, my best friend in London – and sole remaining true luddite – emailed me just three words in response to the news.  

Et tu Brute?  

‘Fraid so.  



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